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Grades 3-6 Silvia Dorta Duque de Reyes Training

3rd-6th Grade Teachers

This is a 2 day training on the following dates:

Day 1 February 5, 2014

Day 2 March 27, 2014

8:30-3:30 @SIAC

Silvia is an expert panel member for the development of the new ELD Standards.  She is also one of the authors for the K-12 ELA/ELD California Framework and the Common Core State Standards in Spanish.


SEI AND BILINGUAL 3-6 TEACHERS are invited to continue their professional development on the following:

  • Common Core Instructional Framework (CCIF) Lesson Design
  • Language Arts Common Core State Standards
    • Differentiated instruction (EL’s, GATE, Spec. Ed)
    • Close Reading
    • Writing – Opinion
  • Standards integration focus:  Science/Social Studies/ELA/ELD standards
  • Supporting Collaborative Student Conversations
  • Planning time with colleagues


Register Here: 3-6 Silvia Dorte Duque de Reyes - Online Registration Link


If you have any questions contact Michele McKinley- ext: 72729