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FS2 - backup / transfer / fix RAID / enlarge HDD

6:00 PM

- moved a test folder to transfer server and back

- tested permissions upon completion


- attempted to kick users off server - some came right back

- denied access at share level


- created 3 folders on FS2 that match the size of 3 external drives on transfer servers (x,y,z)

- moved 1st 650 GB to separate folder for staging (robocopy requirement)


- traveled home

- family time


- moved ~ 650 GB to external drive (x:)  (started transfer)


- ACOE shut down Internet connection (maintenance)

- no remote access from home


- ACOE finishes work

12:00 am

- Robocopy locks up (not responding)

- Killed it , but it kept running in background

10:00 am

- copy finished (x:) 652 GB

10:45 am

- verified copy is complete

- started deleting copied files (part at a time)

- estimated 2 hrs to just delete 'A's (finished in 15 min)

11:00 am

- decided to try faster method (rd 700gb-x /s) from DOS