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HUSD.pngThe logo of Hayward Unified represents the clear emphasis that the Board of Education has placed on student achievement and positive results.

Students stand at the center, as our students are the reason for our existence as a school district. Their joined hands represent the strength of our diversity; together the diversity of our community, students, and staff create a strength-based organization built around our individuals talents.

The graph and ascending arrow symbolizes our district's positive progress in improving student achievement and becoming a data-driven, results-oriented system.

The phrase "Building a Culture of Success" is about creating a learning environment where all students and staff are successful. Every school and classroom should be a place where each student reaches high levels of performance and feels valued for their strengths and talents.

Only when we are serious about "All Means ALL" and when we hold all students to high expectations and provide appropriate supports will we see positive results and improved student achievement.


Made in Hayward Logo


HUSD kicked-off the Made in Hayward Education Consortium campaign in February of 2014 to generate the public's support for educational excellence in all Hayward schools. The goal of Made in Hayward (MIH) is to bring the community together to showcase the achievements of Hayward students, both present and past.

All stakeholders, including Hayward staff, students, local businesses, community, and faith-based organizations, take part in MIH events such as the MIH Cradle to Career Education Summit, MIH Oratorical Festival, MIH Step-Off, and MIH Campaign Walks.

Our investment in Hayward’s education is changing lives! Join the movement. Working together, we can make Hayward the Educational Capital of the East Bay.