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NEW FALL 2016 K-12 Resources

2016-2017 District Wide Events

Contact Lynn Bravewomon for supplies and resources.

Note: Schedule school district wide events on weeks that work for your school site. 


Sept 26-30, 2016  National Ally Week and Mix It Up Week :

HUSD Ally Week held October 2016     (K-12)





October 2016

LGBTQ History month

Often a kickoff for integrated curriculumfor the school year




November 26, 2016: Transgender Day of Remembrance (7-12)

Often incorporated into Fall Ally Weeks (7-12)



January 16-20, 2017  Building a Community of Allies  (K-12)

           (Formerly known as No Name Calling Week)

www.nonamecallingweek.org   www.allyweek.org



April/May,2017   HUSD Celebrating Allies Week   (K-12)

Day of Silence (7-12)  www.dayofsilence.org

Use of all above materials

Safe and Inclusive Schools Program

Supporting All Students

As per the letter from Matt Wayne, Resources for Elementary and Secondary instruction supporting all students are found in HERE

MW letter 11 2016

Allies of all ages create safe and inclusive schools

Allies of all ages create safe and inclusive schools
winton allyposter 5.JPG

Positive Behavior Support and Intervention

What is PBIS? Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a decision-making framework that guides selection, integration and implementation of the best evidence-based behavioral practices for improving important behavior outcomes for all students. PBIS is not a curriculum, intervention or practice, but instead is a collaboration between district and school staff in designing behavioral support systems at each tier of an RtI2 system.

How does PBIS support Schools: 

  • Evidence-based approach for establishing a positive social culture in schools that involves systemic and individualized behavior support strategies for achieving social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior in all students.

  • The framework includes many evidence-based features:

    • Prevention focus

    • Team-based implementation

    • Continuum of intensive, individual interventions

    • On-going collection and use of data for decision making

    • Arrange consistent consequences for problem behavior

    • Acknowledge positive behavior

    • Define and teach positive social expectations

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Elementary, Middle and High Schools including their YEP Programs, provide instruction and activities for students to develop their skills as Allies. Students deepen their empathy for the students who are hurt by bullying langauge. Students strengthen their abilities to address the bullying language of their peers and to act more thoughtfully about including any one who might seem islolated. Students participated in data talk lessons analyzing their own student survey results, created and participated in assemblies and student workshops, and decorated their schools with poetry, and art projects.  No Name Calling Week: Building A Community of Allies is part of a comprehensive program to build Safe, Inclusive and Respectful schools inclusive of all our diversity.


Ally Week (Elementary, Middle and High School)

Ochoa bullying ends with me Bret Harte Middle School 1 Bret Harte Middle School 2 Lorin Eden Elementary 3 Lorin Eden Elementary 2 Lorin Eden Elementary 4 Hayward High School 1 Hayward High School 2 Longwood YEP Ochoa Middle School 2 Tennyson High School 1 Winton Middle School Winton 2

HUSD Ally Weeks Throughout the Years

Ally Week in HUSD focuses on students developing their identity as an Ally, someone who is proactively respectful, validating, affirming and including all our community’s identities To accomplish this, Ally Week focuses on all our diversity (race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, socio-economic class, and physical and cognitive ability/challenge including of LGBTQ students, families and staff.    

For information and resources:


Lynn Bravewomon

Coordinator, Safe and Inclusive Schools Program

510-784-2600 ext 72801



24411 Amador Street

Hayward, CA 94540-5000

Staff Dates to Remember


Safe and Inclusive Schools Program

 SISP PD 2016 2017

Participant Registration required: Enrollment fliers and info will be distributed for for each session



Oct. 20, 2016   8:30-3:30 Lev. A

Jan. 10, 2017   8:30-3:30 Lev. A

Mar. 7, 2017     8:30-3:30 Lev. A       



 Sept. 27, 2016  8:30-3:30 Small Elmhurst

 Jan.19, 2017    8:30-3:30 Small Elmhurst      



 Oct. 25, 2016  8:30-3:30 Small Elmhurst

 Jan. 13, 2017  8:30-3:30 Small Elmhurst

 Mar. 28, 2017  8:30-3:30 Small Elmhurst



 Nov. 8, 2016  8:30-3:30 Level A

 Feb. 7, 2017 8:30-3:30 Level A



Dec. 1, 2016     8:30-3:30  room tbd

May 10, 2017  8:30-3:30  room tbd




Day 1:

Sept. 20, 2016 8:30-3:30 Lev. A

Day 2:

Oct. 27, 2016   8:30-3:30 Lev A  


Solution Team Cadre 7 

 Spring 2017 TBD