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Alternative Education Programs

The alternative education programs in Hayward Unified School District offer assistance to students “at risk” of academic failure and of dropping out of school.  These programs offer another opportunity for educational success by providing a supportive environment and various opportunities for academic and social success. Referral to an alternative education program begins at the school site with the request of a Student Study Team and requires site administrative approval.  All alternative education programs are voluntary.


  • Home Study (Grades K-8)

This is a voluntary alternative program in which the parents/legal guardians implement a district-approved curriculum assigned by the Home Study teacher.  The Home Study Program serves students in grades K-8.  The teacher-directed plan is delivered by the parents/guardians at home.  A minimum of four (4) hours per day of home instruction is required.  The parent, student, and teacher meet every two weeks for a conference.


  • Independent Study (Grades 9-12)

This is s a voluntary alternative program that provides a regular district approved curriculum in a flexible work at home approach.  The program provides all graduation requirements and diplomas are issued by the student’s school of residence.  The program is limited to grades 9-12.  Students enrolled in this program must meet with teacher as arranged in the learning contract (usually 2-3 times weekly).


  • Independent Study- Short Term (Grades K-12)

Independent Study Contracts are given for short term Independent Study for students who are going to be out for five (5) consecutive school days or more.  Staff development or holidays do not count as “school days.”  Student work is returned the day the student returns to school, as noted in the contract date.  There is no makeup time allowed.  Class presentation may be scheduled after the return date, but teachers must feel that the work was completed upon return to school in order to grant ADA credit.  Extensions of contracts, with prior approval from the school site may be granted for no more than the following:

Grades K-3:     5 school days

Grades 4-8:     10 school days

Grades 9-12:   15 school days

Once an extension is approved at the school site, is must also be approved through the district office.


  • Brenkwitz Continuation High School

This voluntary alternative program offers a support system that allows student who are not on track for graduation to experience educational success in a smaller more structured learning environment.  Brenkwitz emphasizes individual learning plans, occupational opportunities, standards-based core class instruction and online credit recovery.  All students have a counselor as well as academic advisor.


  • Home and Hospital Instruction

Student who may be temporarily disabled by accident of by physical, mental, or emotional illness, which makes school attendance impossible or inadvisable, may receive individual instruction at home in a hospital or residential health facility within the district.  This instruction applies to students incurring a physical, mental, or emotional disability after which they can reasonably be expected to return to regular day classes or an alternative education program without special intervention.  Students may be given one (1) to five (5) hours of instruction from an instructor who works with the student’s home school.  Students do up-to-date class work assigned by his/her home school teacher.