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Advisory Board




The VISION of the Hayward Induction Credential Program is to build upon the teacher preparation program of participating teachers to build habits of mind for effective teaching practices and to develop life-long learners. Ultimately, Hayward Induction strives to retain teachers in the teaching profession and achieve educational equity.

Mission Statement: The Hayward Induction Credential Program mission is to provide our students with teachers who reflect on their practice, collaborate with others, and seek opportunities to grow professionally.  Teachers are supported while establishing and providing a safe, inclusive, and equitable learning environment that will enable all students to meet and exceed content standards.


Advisory Board Members


Williams, Phoebe 
Teacher Induction Program Coordinator

Alamillo-Perez, Angelica
TOSA, Teacher Induction

Amin, Shabnam
Candidate, Tennyson High 
Bravewomon, Lynn
TOSA, Safe and Inclusive Schools

Brunner, Lisa
HUSD School Board Member

Carlson, Robert
HUSD School Board Member

Condit-Gordon, Seana
Principal,  Bret Harte Middle
Faraj, Mercedes
HEA President
Forrest, Debra 
Program Specialist, Special Ed.

Garcia, Luis
Principal, Longwood Elementary

Johnson-Rock, Monica 
Director, Curriculum & Instruction

Kemper, Talya
CSUEB, Dept Of Ed.
Korb, Michele
CSUEB, Dept Of Ed.

Lower, Natalie
TOSA, ELL Specialist

Roberts, Monica
Mentor, Longwood Elementary
Pickering-Walters, Alan 
TOSA, Ed. Services Tech.
Padgett, Anna
TOSA, Teacher Induction

Parenti, Peter
Asst Superintendent, Ed Services

Prada, Gloria
Director Ast/Std/Rsch/Eval

Root, Michelle
Assistant Principal, Park Elementary

Tebbs, Joel
TOSA, Teacher Induction

Triviso, Mariana
HEA Rep.
Watts, Kim 
HR Director Certificated

Wayne, Matt
HUSD Superintendent
Xavier, Marina
TOSA, Assessment