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LAN Services


Narrative of Service Procurement for Maintenance & Technical Support for eligible internal connections

School district has plans to obtain local area network services which, described in detail below, include setup, maintenance and troubleshooting of networking equipment owned by the district. The services would be provided under contracts with eligible district conforming to California’s Education and Public Contracts Codes. Service agreement(s) made between school district and Vendor will depend upon Schools and Library Corporation approving District’s request for subsidy under the Telecommunications Act of 1996 for the services described.  (vendor requirements)

Services:Provide LAN services to the district in accordance with accepted networking industry standards within the Federal Communication Commission rules for Universal Service Fund (E-Rate) subsidy under the Telecommunications Act of 1996:

1. Services will include the installation of the servers including the electronic networking equipment (switches/concentrators) for the district requiring this service.

2. Vendor must respond, electronically, phone, or by on-site visit, to district problem reports. Physical responses to LAN networking issues and server problems will be communicated with the requesting school/district.

3. District will accept responsibility for all server and workstation backups. Vendor will show a district person how to change tapes and monitor the backup, but not take responsibility for these tasks.

4. Vendor will coordinate all hardware/software repairs with the district/school representative.

5. The network will be maintained to ensure workstation communication to the Internet and servers for curriculum purposes.  Reliable networks for Internet & LAN services (ineligible access)

6. LAN and server diagnosing by vendor will identify the failed components and ensure those components are replaced in a timely manner.

7. Vendor will document configuration of server and networking equipment to facilitate repair or replacement.

8. Vendor will install operating system upgrades in all servers, and networking electronics (switches/concentrators).

9. Vendor will prepare equipment standards to facilitate quantity purchases, for easier support and ready spares.

10.  District prefers vendor to be located within 50 miles of the school district. (Note: The on-site response time will be within 2 hours for critical network items, i.e. routers, switches. Our phone System is dependent upon this equipment operations) . 


11.  Must have at least one person on staff with the following qualification:

a.  HP/3Com Certification

b.  Nortel Networks Certification

c.  CCNA Certification

d.  A+ Certification

12.  Vendor must own network analyzing tools and facilitate timely repairs.  (i.e. Fluke Optiview, Network General Sniffer)


Please quote the following District based upon the hours requested complying with the above service definitions in correlation with their form 470.


Please quote the following options on separate quotes:


LAN Services

School District - Hayward Unified


Group A E-Rate schools


Group B E-Rate schools



 Note: Please read basic maintenance rules relative to E-rate changes under the 6th report and order. It must be unbundled basic maintenance. The above is for time only. Daily work will be logged, and will have a report mechanism with district representative. It will be based on actual hours used, and not hours that will be used. This is not a fixed rate contract. These hours are for only performing the work for patches, IOS,, etc, as specified in the USAC news brief.