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Results of the Sept. 11th, 2019 Measure H Board Workshop
Posted 9/20/19

At the September 11th, 2019 HUSD Board of Trustees workshop, Allan Garde, the Assistant Superintendent of Business, presented several items for board review and approval related to the progress and direction of the Measure H Bond program. Joined by members of the bond management team, the presentation began with a review of the previously approved scope and budget for the bond.

Following a brief introduction, the team reviewed several items, some of which required the  board to make key decisions. These included:



Brian Rasmussen from TRiGroup, Inc. (the bond program management firm) provided a detailed report on the current status of the 11 quickstart projects that took place over the summer break.


They are as follows:

  • Roof Replacement: Eden Gardens, Lorin Eden, Treeview, and Winton
  • Exterior Painting: Treeview and Winton
  • Fire Alarm, Public Address, and Clock Systems Replacement: Glassbrook, Longwood, Ochoa, Ruus, Treeview
  • Most of these projects have been completed, with the remainder to be closed by mid-October.

As part of the Measure H Bond program scope and budget approved by the board at the May 8th, 2019 workshop, Lorin Eden Elementary and Winton Middle School will receive bond funds for needed improvements at their schools. Starting this December 2019, the design process for this work will begin. These designs will be based on the collective input of teachers, parents, and administrators at these two schools. Timelines for this work, from design to construction, anticipate that work may begin as early as March of 2021. This direction was unanimously supported by the school board at the workshop.


In a highlight of the workshop, Brian Rasmussen presented the proposal for phased infrastructure projects to take place starting this year and to carry through 2022.

At the May 8th, 2019 workshop, the school board confirmed the direction of the Facilities Master Plan update (Resolution 1819-05) towards focusing new bond funds away from the construction of new buildings and towards the much-needed improvement and modernization of HUSD's existing campuses. The priorities that will guide the district’s decisions include health, safety, systems equity, technology, and community enhancement. Under the Measure H budget, the board set the direction to provide a roadmap for improving the infrastructure of the existing HUSD school buildings. Once, these schools receive these needed infrastructure improvements, the remaining projects can shift to the final program of classroom modernization.

The 11 quickstart programs were part of this effort, and the following chart outlines the newly approved direction for the next steps, which will take place in three phases. Mr. Rasmussen also emphasized to the board that while we all have a desire to see every one of these needed projects completed immediately, in order to mitigate market demand and ensure the best quality work with the most efficient use of bond funds, a coordinated phased effort is the best option for the students, teachers, and Hayward community.


Once completed, the infrastructure projects will provide the framework for the beginning of a $95M budgeted classroom modernization effort for HUSD. In order to begin preparing now to understand the best scenarios for this modernization—including technology, equity, and improved learning environments—Allan Garde introduced a proposal to form a modernization committee, which would include 10 teachers from a variety of grade levels, two site administrators, two educational services administrators, and experts from the bond management team.

Once approved by the board, this committee will provide their feedback and guidance to the board at future workshops as we complete the infrastructure projects and begin the work on modernization.


Following considerable community and board consideration, the bond management team also presented to the Board of Trustees options for final decisions to be made on the PAC. These decisions included the final location for the PAC, number of seats, orchestra pit, and the community room (black box theatre). Following a lengthy discussion, the following direction was adopted by the board:

Location: The District's PAC will move closer to the Mt. Eden High School campus to facilitate the use of the MPR for staging during large events, as well as provide a safer point of access to the building for students and guests.

  • Seating: The PAC will be redesigned from its current 400 seat capacity to a 500 seat capacity option with balcony seating.
  • Orchestra Pit: There will be no change to the current designs which include the orchestra pit. It will be included as planned.
  • Community Room (Black Box Theatre): The resulting changes above will exceed the budgeted amount for the PAC. Therefore, the decision was made to design the building to include the black box theatre as planned, but as an "add-alternate." This means that when the building is constructed, if the additional funds needed to augment the existing budget are not found, the community building can remain unbuilt without affecting the construction of the rest of the PAC. This would not prevent HUSD from completing that part of the project at a later date. However, the final board directive of the evening was to prioritize any remaining or extra funds from other Measure H projects—or other district incomes—towards completing the PAC inclusive of the community room, as planned. Further review will be completed at future workshops.

Overall, it was a productive evening with clear direction provided by the board to the bond team on how to proceed with the projects and direction proposed. This is a significant moment for the Hayward Unified School District community as we move forward to provide students with the best educational environment possible, none of which would have been possible if not for the commitment and investment of the larger Hayward community through the bond programs. For this, the students, teachers, and staff of this district THANK YOU!


If you have further questions or comments regarding the Measure H Bond program, feel free to contact us at: MeasureH@HUSD.US