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The Hayward Unified School District is comprised of 19 Elementary schools, 5 Middle schools, 3 High schools, 1 Alternative High School, 1 Adult Education Center, and Helen Turner Children's Center for pre-school children.  We have over 19,000 students in grades K-12 who interact with teachers in Hayward Unified's classrooms each day, bringing with them diverse cultures, heritages, languages, and economic conditions.

Hayward Unified School District offers many educational opportunities to our students. Our alternative high school, independent study, and Home Schooling programs support students who prefer a non-traditional setting.  We provide our students with a safe learning environment and support to attain high academic achievements to graduate and become contributing members of our democratic society.

Updated March 2023

California Department of Education

2021-2022 Enrollment Figures

Ethnicity Total Enrollment %
Hispanic or Latino of Any Race 11889 65.80%
Asian, Not Hispanic 1558 8.60%
African American, Not Hispanic 1370 7.60%
Filipino, Not Hispanic 1242 6.90%
Two or More Races, Not Hispanic 731 4.00%
White, not Hispanic 609 3.40%
Pacific Islander, Not Hispanic 603 3.30%
Not Reported 41 0.20%
American Indian or Alaska Native, Not Hispanic 32 0.20%


Enrollment Multi-year Summary by Ethnicity