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Family Engagement Specialist (FES)

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The Parent HUB Maria Reyes 
Bowman Sandra Morales
Burbank  Abdi Habad 
Cherryland  Rosemary Vasquez 
East Ave Olivia De Jimenez 
Eden Gardens  Veronica Chacon 
Eldridge  Sandra Morales
Fairview  Vacant 
Faith Ringgold Anthony Garza 
Glassbrook  Vacant 
Harder  Claudia Cartagena 
Longwood  Vacant
Lorin Eden  Veronica Chacon 
Palma Ceia  Jasmine Estrada 
Park  Olivia De Jimenez 
Ruus  Jasmine Estrada 
Schafer Park  Diana Gomez 
Southgate Diana Gomez 
Stonebrae  Jennifer Rivera
Strobridge  Abdi Habad 
Treeview  Jennifer Rivera
Tyrrell  Wendy Porras 
Bret Harte  Elsa Zamora 
Cesar Chavez  Luz Canizalez 
Ochoa  Vacant 
MLK Jr.  Vacant 
Winton  Karina Guiterrez
Brenkwitz  Anthony Garza 
Hayward High  Angelica Mora 
Mt. Eden High  Maria Duenas 
Tennyson High  Luz Canizalez 


About FES

In the fall of 2018, the Hayward Unified School District allocated district funding to support a Family Engagement, Outreach & Equity Specialist position, also known as the Family Engagement Specialist (FES), to work at least 15 hours at all 30 HUSD schools.  Family Engagement Specialist encourages and coordinates parent education and involvement in various District and school programs and other activities to ensure equity of opportunity and access; perform liaison duties among staff, community resources and parents; refer families to local agencies or services as appropriate; utilize and update designated District communication and outreach portals and protocols.

FES Duties 

• Promote parent education and involvement in various District and school programs and other activities; provide information and materials to parents to assist them in utilizing community services and resources; refer families to local agencies or school services as appropriate
• Ensure that equity of opportunity and access to programs and services are attainable by all students and families
• Perform liaison duties among staff, community resources, agencies and parents; communicate with parents regarding student performance including attendance, behavior, academic achievement, health and medical problems as directed by supervisor(s)
• Accompanied by an appropriate staff member, make home visits to engage or re-engage students and families to enhance student achievement; as appropriate, provide service to families in the form of guidance, advocacy, crisis intervention, and resource facilitation
• Unite outside organizations, schools and families; participate in community outreach such as community walks; contact community businesses to obtain donations and plan activities to enhance services for families
• Facilitate family participation in various activities that result in family empowerment and advocacy; identify and encourage recruitment of parent volunteers
• Conduct and/or coordinate parent training, activities and associated committees, including arranging training schedule, speakers, meeting sites and presentations; prepare and distribute related materials
• Assist in the formulation of educational goals and objectives utilizing the participation of parents, community members and school personnel
• Assist in compiling data for program evaluation, program design, and continual program improvement
• Represent the District at a variety of school and community meetings as directed
• Attend and participate in workshops and conferences as assigned