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Chinese Program

Chinese Program

Hayward Unified School District now offers a Chinese Program at Stonebrae Elementary School, Bret Harte Middle School and Hayward High School. Our program goal is to have our students achieve academic proficiency in Chinese, together with mastery of academic core content and multicultural proficiency. The program will give students an opportunity to become bi-literate and bi-cultural.


海沃德联合校区目前已在三所学校推出中文课程。在2007年石东坡小学开设中英文双语沉浸式教学。在2014 年和2015年,布雷特初中和海沃德高中相继开设中文作为世界外语课程。我们课程设计的最终目的是使学生中、英双语流利,并最终成长为双语、双文学和跨文化的人才。


Stonebrae Elementary School serves 745 students with 57 teachers and supporting staff. Since 2007, Stonebrae Elementary School has offered an English/Chinese Dual Language Program.  Starting with a class of 14 students, the program has grown to ten classes with a total of 272 students.  Our bilingual program adopted the 50:50 teaching model, that is, the teaching ratio is half in Chinese and half in English. This immersion program  not only attracts students and families from the city of Hayward but also other surrounding cities.  Using Chinese and English as the vehicle of instruction, students will be able to communicate effectively in both languages and to achieve academic proficiency that meets and exceeds the State Standards in all academic areas.


石东坡小学是海沃德联合学区的一所公办小学。该小学位于海沃德市北,临近加州州大东湾校区。目前该小学有 745名学生,共二十八个班级, 57位教职员工。始于2007年,海沃德校区在石东坡 小学开设了中英双语沉浸教学课程。从开始的14人一个班级发展到今天272 人十个班级。目前已在幼儿园到六年级的所有年级开设中英沉浸式教学课程,并采用50/50的教学模式。目前,社区对中文教学的需求非常迫切。该课程不但吸引本市的学生,也有周边城市的家庭慕名前来。学生要提前两年注册排号才有可能进如该课程。我们的教师利用中文和英文两种语言进行授课,培养我们的学生不但能够有效地利用这两种语言进行交流,而且也能够达到加州学术课程标准。


Bret Harte Middle School is now serving 625 students in grades 7th through 8th . We have a student teacher ratio of 25.8 to 1. Bret Harte Middle School started offering Chinese as a World Language course in 2014 with one Chinese I class of 20 students. In 2015, the program expanded to two classes, Chinese I and Chinese II, with a total of 38 students.Our teachers will continue to equip students with Mandarin spoken and written skills for further learning Chinese and understand Chinese culture and lay a good foundation. 


布雷特初中是加州,海沃德市的一所公办初中,目前我校拥有7到8年级共625名学生。布雷特初中在2014年开设中文作为世界语言的选修课程,共20名学生。在2015年,中文课程增加到2个班共38 名学生。我们的教师会继续提高我们学生的中文说些能力为他们进一步学习中文和理解中国文化打下良好基础。


Hayward High School is a public school serving 1665 students. Currently, it is offering  Chinese as a world language course. In the year of 2015-2016, Highward High School offers Chinese IP and Chinese IIP which are known as a-g courses or subjects. We expect to have four Chinese classes next school year.   Our goal is to train our students to be truly linguistically competent and culturally sophisticated in the global economy of the 21st century.


海沃德高中是海沃德市的一所公立高中,拥有1665名学生。目前,它提供汉语作为世界语言课程。在2015 - 2016年,海沃德高中开设中文一和中文二课程。与此同时这两门课程作为a 到 g 课程之一,帮助我们的学生申请UC系统的大学。 在2016-2017年,海沃德高中将会继续开设中文三和中文三荣誉课程。我们的目标是培养学生成为21世纪全球经济化中成为有较强语言能力的,和跨文化的高素质人才。

Confucius Classroom

The establishment of Confucius Classrooms classroom will help to meet student needs in order to learn the Chinese language, enhance local people’s understanding of Chinese language and culture, strengthen educational and cultural exchanges between China and the United States of America, and promote the world multi-cultural development. In addition, we would be able to collaborate with our partner schools in China in the area of Chinese teaching resources, professional development, summer and winter programs, etc.   After becoming Confucius classroom, we will make full use of our advantages, carry out a variety of teaching and cultural activities form a distinctive school system.  Our district will become an important place to understand contemporary China and learn Chinese language and culture.


孔子课堂的成立,将有助于满足学生的学习中国的语言的需求,增强中国语言和文化的认识,加强中国与美国之间的教育和文化交流,促进世界多元文化发展。此外, 我们将能够与我们的伙伴学校在教学资源,教师的专业发展,夏季和冬季交流项目等领域的合作。  成为孔子课堂后,我们将充分利用我们的优势,开展了各种教学和文化活动,形成了鲜明的办 ​​学体系。我区将成为了解当代中国,学习中国语言和文化的重要场所。



Exchange Program

Hayward High School is now developing exchange programs with Yantai No. 2 High School of Shandong, China. Yantai No.2  is an elite high school located in the beautiful city of Yantai, within China’s Bo Hai. It was named the most charming city in China by Chinese Central TV in 2004. The school was established in 1855, and has been an elite public secondary school for more than 150 years. It ranks 1st in university enrollment in Yantai City. 95% of their graduates are admitted to a university each year; 63% are admitted to elite universities. In order to develop students’ skills of global awareness and intercultural understanding, the school regularly sends students to the UK, USA, Canada, etc. to immerse them in different cultures.


海沃德高中目前正在开发与烟台市第2中学的合作交流项目。烟台二中是山东省烟台市的一所精英高中。 该学校成立于1855年。它坐落在美丽的城市烟台,濒临渤海。在2004年,它被中国中央电视台评为最迷人的城市。 该校的大学录取率有95%; 63%考上名牌大学。为了培养学生全球意识和跨文化理解的技能,学校定期派学生到英国,美国,加拿大等国去交流学习。

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