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California Assessment of Student Performance & Progress (CAASPP)

To do in May

Utilize the CAASPP Training Resources. Teachers and administrators can access training for CAASPP (SBAC for ELA and Math, CAA, CAST).

     Virtual Independent Study Program (VISP) - CAASPP 

Ensure that staff who support assessments, but do not need TOMS access, complete a Non-TOMS Users Affidavit. The Test Security Affidavit is available on the CAASPP Test Security web page.

Administer practice tests on the CAASPP Online Practice and Training Tests portal.

Review test assignments and assigned accessibility resources.  

Verify student accessibility resources are correct in TOMS and confirm that TAs and TEs are aware of the accessibility resources their students will be using during testing.

Plan for assessment time and space requirements.  Include accommodating students with a separate setting and one-to-one administration as needed.  Ensure all instructional materials are removed from walls or covered prior to assessing.  Time requirements can be found in the Testing Time and Scheduling section of the CAASPP Online Test Administration Manual.

Monitor classrooms to support and ensure that assessment security procedures are followed.  

 SSID Lookup


Login to TOMS

  1. Select the Students tab on the left-hand side
  2. Search for student

In Test Administration Interface:

Login to Test Administrator Interface

  1. Click Student Lookup
  2. Click Advanced Search
  3. Search for Student

In Infinite Campus:

  1. Login to Infinite Campus
  2. Select a student from your roster
  3. SSID is located under Student Summary