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Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

In November 2000, California voters passed Proposition 39, which allows property tax increases to pay for school facility bonds by a 55% vote rather than the required two-thirds vote of the local electorate. Proposition 39 requires school districts that pass school bonds to seat a Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) to assure the community that bond funds are expended in the fashion outlined in the district's bond resolution. The CBOC must meet at least once a year and inform the public about the expenditure of bond revenues. The CBOC shall actively review and report on the proper expenditure of taxpayers' money for school construction. 

Measure H
Made in Hayward mural

Oversight Committee Members

Elaine Faxon, Parent

Lawrence Ratto, Community Member at Large

Measure L
STEAM Building

Oversight Committee Members

Elaine Faxon, Parent

Lawrence Ratto, Community Member at Large

Obray Van Buren, Community Member at Large

Dr. Marshall Mitzman, Local Business Representative

Heather Reyes, Parent, PTA Representative

Measure I
Tyrrell Elementary

Oversight Committee Members

John Davini

Morris Hoodye

Guy Sandoval

Lisa Tyler

Patrick Early

Mark Salinas

Brian Schott

For more information contact: 

Jennifer McGriff                              Office Specialist                              (510) 784-2600 x 72844        

Ernesto Ramirez                            Bond Construction Coordinator  (510) 784-2600 x 72844        

 Timothy Cody                                 Director III, Facilities,   Maintenance, Operations &         Transportation                                 (510) 784-2600 x 72844

CBOC Application

Roles and responsibilities

  • To inform and advise the public
  • To review and report on bond expenditures
  • To review copies of annual, independent financial and performance audits
  • Review efforts by the district to maximize bond revenues
  • Issue reports (at least once per year) of the results of their efforts
  • No authority to participate in bond sale or issuance
  • No authority to determine how bond funds are spent
  • No authority to participate in the bid process for contractors or consultants
  • No authority to contact contractors or consultants, or to "inspect" construction projects without permission of the superintendent or authorized representative
  • All committee proceedings must be open to the public