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Child Welfare and Attendance

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Our primary goal is to support students so they attend school every day, on time, and learn the skills and abilities to thrive the entire school year.

The Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) department promote school enrollment, good school attendance, school transfer, and assistance for foster, homeless, and recent immigrant students & their families.   CWA also supports School-based counseling services for students.

Please visit our Student Transfer Page for information on student transfers between schools within HUSD or between school districts

School transfer requests may be submitted in person to the CWA office at the Family Resource HUB, via US mail to the address below, or through  email:


If you are checking on the status of a transfer, please make sure you provide the following information in order for us to respond/process appropriately. 

  1. Name of the student
  2. Where the transfer is from
  3. The requested school
  4. Your name and phone number



Att. Child Welfare and Attendance

24411 Amador Street

Hayward, CA 94544


If you need further assistance please call (510) 723-3857 x 34207


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Dr. Michelle Perez
CWA Director 
Phone: (510)723-3857 x 34207 
Fax: (510)781.6105

Bianca Espinoza
CWA Outreach Worker
Phone: (510)723-3857 x 34210

Paulette Weekley
CWA Outreach Worker
Phone: (510)723-3857 x 34206

Mariela Rivera
CWA Outreach Worker
Phone: (510)723-3857 x 34205

Jazmin Reyes
CWA Outreach Worker
Phone: (510)723-3857 x 34212

Stephanie Nunez
Phone: (510)723-3857 x 34207

Margaret Darrah
Office Specialist 
Phone: (510)723-3857 x 34208 

Cheri Smith
District Enrollment Center Supervisor 
Phone: (510)723-3857 x 34204
Fax: (510)781.6161