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Child Welfare and Attendance

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While the District Office is closed please send your correspondence via US mail to the address below, or email it to


Whenever you email, please make sure you provide the following information in order for us to respond/process appropriately.  
1.  Name of the student
                                     2.  Where the transfer is from
                                     3.  The requested school 
                                     4.  Your name and phone number

                           HAYWARD UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT
                              Att. Child Welfare and Attendance
                                          24411 Amador Street
                                            Hayward, CA 94544

If you need further assistance please call (510) 723-3857 Ext. 34207


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The Child Welfare & Attendance office assists students, parent/guardians, and schools to promote student success and achievement.  We believe supporting the needs of children involves understanding, sustaining and enhancing their support systems namely family, peers, school, and community. We aim to provide quality service with respect and integrity.  The CWA Office manages Student transfers (Inter and Intra-district transfers, Open Enrollment, and School Choice), Attendance and Truancy intervention (SARB), Student Enrollment issues, support to special populations including Foster and McKinney-Vento Homeless youth, Alameda County Mental Health Services, and other areas concerning student welfare.   As part of Student and Family Support Services, we share the mission to engage and support students, families, and schools in a comprehensive way which creates a community that develops successful thriving students. 


Case Management & Access to Resources

The CWA staff work with community groups to both better identify students and provide supports for their stability and success.   Children in transition and their families are offered services including those that impact attendance, behavior and performance. Examples of these are transportation, tutoring, basic school supplies, school-site advocacy and counseling.   The ultimate goal is to develop an outreach and enrollment network that reaches students in every school area, including those who may be immigrants and are trying to live unnoticed by authorities.  The CWA Office is the central hub so that once students are identified, the family can access the resources through the program office, the school or in the community.  The goal is to provide supports such as, bus passes, school supplies, homework help, test preparation, tutoring, on-campus advocacy, assistance with parent- teacher conferences and other available interventions.

Services will be integrated with other activities to ensure that there is an emphasis on accessing resources for educational attainment.  Our coordination of services and supports provide students in transition the stability to access education and achieve to their ability.  Data will be maintained in order to identify students in need, ascertain their performance and measure improvements as a result of stability and interventions.

CWA Staff collaborate with district, local and county services and agencies to identify and provide needed services to students.  Such supports include:

  • Health Services: CWA staff refers students and families to school district nurses, local clinics sponsored by St. Rose, La Familia, and Tiburcio Vasquez Health Centers.  Outreach Workers collaborate with Cal-Safe teen parenting program at Tennyson High School.  Regularly screen families for medical eligibility and refer families to health care services.  
  • Counseling Services:  CWA Coordinator represents the HUSD in the Our Kids counseling collaboration which provides on-site counseling services at most elementary schools and all middle schools within HUSD.  The CWA staff collaborates regularly with the counselors at the Youth & Family Services Bureau and case managers at the Family Resource Center, La Familia and other community agencies including Alameda County Social Services.  The CWA Coordinator supervises elementary school counselors providing social emotional services at 8 elementary schools not served by Our Kids, assists with monthly coordinating for the HUSD counselors and facilitates a subcommittee focusing on the professional practice of HUSD counselors. 
  • City & County Collaborations: The CWA Coordinator collaborates with Alameda County Health Services, County Behavioral Health services, Hayward city government, and other agencies to further the district’s goals and vision of community oriented schools.  CWA represents the HUSD in grant collaborations from the California Endowment, and Federal Department of Education’s Promise Neighborhood program to promote high student achievement by fostering healthy, safe neighborhoods.  These are grant projects which forward the vision of school & community working together to improve skills and abilities of both students and their families and thereby improving the outcomes for the local community as a whole. 
  • Foster Youth Support: The CWA Coordinator is the Foster Youth Liaison and Outreach Workers assist foster youth and their parent/guardians with enrollment and access to district and community resources (A.B. 490). 
  • Homeless Youth Support: Students without regular, fixed or adequate residence have the right to enroll in and attend school (McKinney-Vento Act).  The CWA Coordinator is the District Homeless Youth Liaison.  The CWA staff work with schools and families to facilitate enrollment and ensure that McKinney-Vento students have the same access to services and resources as all students.  CWA works with all stakeholders to provide support and stability so students attend school regularly and participate in school activities.  CWA collaborates with families to assist them in accessing local resources for stability and support. 


CWA Director
Phone: (510)723-3857 
Fax: (510)781.6105


CWA Outreach Worker
Phone: (510)723-3857 x34210



CWA Outreach Worker
Phone: (510)723-3857 x34206


CWA Outreach Worker
Phone: (510)723-3857 x34212


CWA Outreach Worker
Phone: (510)723-3857 x34205


Phone: (510)723-3857 option 5


Office Specialist
Phone: (510)723-3857 option 5

District Enrollment Center Supervisor
Phone: (510)723-3857 x34204
Fax: (510)781.6161


Newcomer Services Coordinator
Phone: (510)723-3857 x34220

Family Engagement Specialist
Phone: (510)723-3857 x34103