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Hayward USD Embraces Reusable Water Bottles Districtwide
Posted 11/1/19



Pathwater Bottles

Hayward, CA—Hundreds of students enthusiastically chanted “save the fish” during a recent lunchtime event at Treeview Elementary in Hayward. They participated in an event celebrating the Hayward Unified School District’s (HUSD) decision to move away from single-use plastic water bottles and find a more sustainable solution in reusable aluminum bottles. 


To reach this goal, HUSD partnered with Pathwater, a company founded by a group of friends (some from the Bay Area) looking to introduce a reusable and recyclable product into the market. HUSD is one of the first school districts to partner with Pathwater, and this year every student in the district—that’s over 19,000 students—will receive a reusable Pathwater bottle, co-branded with the district’s logo. 


At the event hosted on October 30, one of the Pathwater founders presented HUSD Superintendent Matt Wayne with a sustainability award in recognition of the district’s commitment to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles and the addition of hydration stations at school sites. 


“Our district’s vision is to ensure that every student realizes their innate potential of becoming a lifelong learner and having a positive impact on their community,” stated Dr. Wayne. “This step towards greater sustainability allows students to see how their everyday choices have a global impact.”


If the student and teacher population at Hayward Unified, which totals 21,950, commit to using reusable bottles for one calendar year, they have the potential to eliminate a combined 3.4 million single-use plastic water bottles from entering the waste stream. Additionally, the choice of aluminum bottles means that they can be recycled once they are no longer used.  Aluminum has one of the highest recycling rates in the world and is 77% more valuable than plastic.


HUSD is following the lead of students seeking environmentally-friendly alternatives in their schools. Students at one of the district’s other elementary schools began a petition to eliminate the use of styrofoam lunch trays in their cafeteria. After doing some research and partnering with the district’s Food Services Department, students led the effort to replace styrofoam trays with recyclable ones across the entire district. 


In addition to the free water bottles being provided to all students, Pathwater water bottles will also be available to students and staff in cafeterias and vending machines across the district. For more information about HUSD’s partnership with Pathwater, contact Robin Gallagher, Director of Child Nutrition Services, at