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Teachers invited to tour Energy Observer
Posted 6/15/21

Teachers Energy ObserverLast month, two HUSD teachers were invited to tour the ENGIE Observer while it was in San Francisco as part of its worldwide tour. The Energy Observer is the name of the first hydrogen-powered, zero-emission vessel to be self-sufficient in energy, advocating and serving as a laboratory for ecological transition. Click here to see news coverage of the Observer’s visit. 


Nancy Wright, an elementary science teacher on special assignment with HUSD and a science educator with the Alameda County Office of Education, was invited to tour the vehicle because of her work in developing climate change lessons and professional development over the past several years. Science specialist Isabel Souto from Schafer Park Elementary was also invited to tour this innovative vessel, which is zero emission and the first of its kind. Ms. Souto and Ms. Wright helped develop the Climate Change Unit that was funded by the district’s partnership with ENGIE. HUSD worked with Engie to bring solar energy to our facilities and in championing science education. Ms. Souto is a member of the Science Kit Committee, a teacher leader for the Elementary Science Partnership, and has been a long-time advocate for elementary science in HUSD. 


The following are some highlights of the science education programs that were implemented in  HUSD as part of our partnership:

  • A Climate Change Unit was developed, materials provided, and PD given to all 6th grade teachers in August 2018 
  • Engineering lessons, materials, and PD for K-6th grade teachers in February 2020
  • Engineering lessons and PD provided for home learning and on FlipGrid in May 2020
  • Science kits assembled and distributed to HUSD elementary students 
  • ENGIE/HUSD partnership for science activities, including the STEAM Showcase
  • Engie/HUSD planning PD for next year about how to use ata from the solar panels in the classroom