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Community town hall on supporting and keeping safe Hayward children and youth
Posted 4/18/22

HAYWARD, Calif., April 14, 2022—The City of Hayward, Hayward Unified School District and Hayward Area Recreation and Parks District will jointly hold a virtual town hall meeting on Thursday, April 21, to receive community input on supporting and keeping safe Hayward children and youth.
The town hall meeting will be hosted by the City of Hayward on Zoom from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, April 21, and will be facilitated by Hayward City Manager Kelly McAdoo, HUSD Superintendent Matt Wayne and HARD General Manager James Wheeler.
Following opening remarks by City Manager McAdoo, Superintendent Wayne and General Manager Wheeler and acknowledgements of elected officials from the three agencies who are in attendance, Hayward community members will be invited to provide public comment up to three minutes a piece.
The town hall is in response to concerns expressed about two incidents currently under criminal investigation in which Hayward children have been victims of neglect, violence and assault as well as about broader issues, including the impact of COVID-19 on children and youth in Hayward.
City, HUSD and HARD staff members and elected leaders will be in attendance primarily to facilitate public comment, to listen and to consider potential responses and next steps addressing questions, issues and concerns raised by members of the public.
Information on how to attend and participate in the virtual town hall will be posted here on the City of Hayward website and also will be distributed by HUSD and HARD.  The meeting also will be streamed and broadcast live on the City’s YouTube channel, through the City of Hayward website and on cable television station KHRT 15.
A follow-up report—potentially including recommended actions by the agencies—will be prepared for discussion at the next public meeting of the Hayward Local Agencies Committee (HLAC) on May 12.  The HLAC is a joint subcommittee of the Hayward City Council, HUSD Board of Trustees and HARD Board of Directors.