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2019-2020 Measure H Projects Underway
Posted 10/31/19


Under the newly approved Measure H project schedule from the September 11th, HUSD Board of Trustees workshop, the district’s bond team will be working to complete 40 bond-driven improvement projects at 16 of the district's schools over the 2019-end of 2020 calendar year. This is a significant volume of work and has kicked off a flurry of activity: members of the bond team have selected and assigned architecture leads for each of the 16 school projects, are actively holding kick-off meetings with each of these schools’ principals, and putting together the project roadmaps for each of these efforts. In order to provide the best selection of contractors, availability to needed project supplies, and to minimize classroom educational impacts, the teams are working to plan the work as far in advance as possible.

The 2020 projects are to include five areas of work. Specifically, five schools will receive brand new roofs. This will involve removing the older roof materials, review and repairing of any damaged substructures, and then the final placement of new modern roofing materials to provide a long and durable weather-proof shield for these schools. Three of the schools will receive new fire alarm, public address, and clock systems. These include the installation of new solutions and the demolition of old systems (only upon the full completion on the new solutions). Eight schools will receive full exterior paint jobs, to beautify and seal their schools from the elements. These schools will be able to review and select a three-color pattern from a selection of approved palettes provided by the district within their internal committees. Eight schools will also receive set budgets towards paving improvements (where needed) to be put towards improvements in the hard surface play areas, significantly damaged parking areas, and other paving needs. These needs and projects to be completed will be decided by the local sites and their committees. Finally, all 16 of the schools in this phase will receive funds to enhance safety and security of their campuses. These projects will focus primarily on door hardware, fencing, path of travel, and other security needs, as recommended by the local school site safety committees.

The following is a detailed list of the 2019-2020 phased projects by school:


Under the direction of the Board of Trustees, these projects are the next set of infrastructure improvements scheduled to be made towards solidifying the exterior of our schools, to prepare our facilities for the next phase of work within the buildings, and in the classrooms themselves.
With the infrastructure of our schools providing more secure and equitable spaces for learning and development, the next approved allocation of funds by the Board of Trustees is to be directed towards internal classroom improvements.

At the request of HUSD’s Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Allan Garde - a new committee has been formed in partnership with HUSD’s Teachers' Union. The committee is made up of multiple teachers representing the various grade levels across a selection of schools. The committee also includes HUSD administrators, architectural partners, and members of the bond team. Together, they will all work together to develop a clear set of standards for the classroom refresh, including a timeline and level of modernization to take place.

The first meeting of the Classroom Modernization committee took place on Tuesday the 29th of October, 2019, at the District office. They will continue to meet regularly to review current standards in classroom interiors and features, as well as sharing their ideas, concerns, and issues with existing classroom features and what they would like to see in the future. The goal is to provide input for a recommendation on how to proceed with the classroom modernization for a March 2020 presentation to the Board of Trustees.

For any questions concerning the HUSD Bond Programs, please contact us at MeasureH@HUSD.US.