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Virtual Independent Study Program

Hayward USD believes the best place for students is in our classrooms with their teachers and virtual learning through an online platform is not the right placement for all students. In an effort to continue to support our students and families as we moved through the COVID 19 pandemic the district will continue to offer the Virtual Independent Study Program (VISP) to support student needs during the 2022-23 school year. This is an extension of the current district Alternative Education, Independent Studies program for students who are not able to return to in-person learning based on COVID-19 conditions and needs. This program is on our traditional calendar and is a voluntary option available to K-12 students upon the request of a parent/guardian. VISP is a standards-aligned, online curriculum that personalizes learning using a flexible schedule. There are required scheduled check-in meetings with their assigned teacher and progress is monitored through the online platform reports.


If your family has an interest in enrolling in the HUSD Virtual Independent Study Program, please fill out the  Virtual Study Program Waitlist request form. Once your form has been processed and space is available you will be called to complete your enrollment process and sign the agreement for the Virtual Independent Study Program. 


This program option is open to all K-12 students. Students with an IEP who are requesting the VISP must have an IEP meeting to ensure this is a proper change of placement and is in the best interest of their learning needs. Completing the request form is not an automatic enrollment, students must continue to attend their assigned school in person until space becomes available and they are confirmed to enroll in the VISP program. 


If you have specific questions about the VISP program, please contact by email.

In August 26, 2021, HUSD held a meeting for parents that are on the waitlist for the Virtual Independent Study Program. You can view that presentation by clicking below.

Virtual Independent Study Program

What program is used for the online curriculum?

HUSD has contracted with Edgenuity. Edgenuity delivers personalized learning to meet the needs of every student with core curriculum, credit recovery courses, intervention programs, and supplemental instruction. Other instructional materials may be used as well, depending on the students’ educational and programmatic needs.


What kind of commitment do families need to make? Can my child return to their school for in-person learning at any time?

  • Students commit to the program for at least a trimester for elementary and a semester for secondary. Students may transfer out and return to their home school at that time.

  • Parents/guardians should expect to provide academic support for their K-8 student(s).

  • Students will be required to complete assignments and adhere to deadlines

  • Attend virtual meetings with an assigned grade level teacher

What is the process for applying for the virtual independent study program?

Enrollment Process

  1. Interested students and families should attend a Virtual Independent Study Program information session

  2. Complete the HUSD Virtual Independent Study Program Request Form

  3. Students and Family attend Virtual Independent Study Program Orientation, includes, counselor and assigned teacher

  4. Complete Virtual Independent Study Program Master Agreement

  5. Students commit to the program for at least a semester (secondary) or trimester (elementary) and may transfer out and return to their home school

*Please note that enrollment capacity is limited.