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The Assessment, Research, and Evaluation department thanks the following HUSD staff members for their active participation in the first CAASPP Academy:

  • Colleen Abate
  • Jo Ellen Anderson
  • Valerie Bogdanos
  • Gary Cao
  • Lora Colyer
  • Seana Condit-Gordon
  • Mary Ann Cucchiaro
  • Sandra Daly
  • Lisa Davies-Gomez
  • Michelle Dickson
  • Veronica Estrada
  • Juan Flores
  • Rafael Flores
  • Thelma Fones
  • Debra Forrest
  • Alvaro Franco
  • Francisco Gallardo
  • Hector Garcia
  • Luis Garcia
  • Christy Gerren
  • Dishawn Givens
  • Nanette Gray
  • Maya Hernandez
  • Charles Hill
  • Tesha Holt
  • Wentworth Houston
  • Taslin Kimball
  • Iliana Lacan
  • Veronique Levine
  • Pia Macchiavello
  • Damian Mackey
  • Aimee Malcolm
  • Mina Mangewala
  • Emilia Martins
  • Craig McKinley
  • John Melvin
  • Paul Mitchell
  • George Mitsopoulos
  • Francisca Montes
  • Gabriele Morales
  • Randy Nakamura
  • Lisa Nolting
  • Evelyn Ocasio
  • Monica Olivares
  • Alicia Orner
  • Veronica Ortiz
  • Michelle Perez
  • Tatiana Peugnet
  • Enrique Pin
  • Gabriela Preciado
  • Michael Ratkewicz
  • Kwasi Reed
  • Michelle Root
  • Makilia Rowe-Andrews
  • Jessica Saavedra
  • Rina Serrano
  • Dave Seymour
  • Brian Singer
  • Karen Skrabanik
  • Bridget Spencer
  • Aurora Sweet
  • Karen Thorup
  • Irma Torres-Fitzsimons
  • Alison Trumbull
  • Bernardo Varela
  • Stacey Vidal-Butler
  • Erik Waite
  • Stephanie White
  • Peter Wilson
  • Leigh Woodmansee



  1. Increase awareness of the CAASPP system for HUSD administrators and support staff.
  2. Explore and experience the IABs as teaching and learning tools that align to the CCSS.


Slides for all Sessions



As a final project for the CAASPP Academy, participants will engage in a Performance Task type of Practicum activity.

The objective of this Practicum is to go over the material covered during the six academy sessions, and consolidate in one document the main concepts and procedures learned about test administration, accessibility supports, and hand scoring of Interim Assessments.


Please click to access the Practicum

Security Affidavits

Before administering a Summative Assessment, all test administrators and personnel who will be in a testing classroom must sign this FORM and submit it to the school principal.

Principals will file the signed affidavits with their testing protocol records.



This document has the warm-up slides for each session of the academy.

SBAC Blueprints
DOK Levels.png