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Hayward Unified School District

Year 16 E-Rate 2013-2014

Network Hardware Maintenance

Hayward Unified School District seeks maintenance support contracts to cover existing network hardware.  This support contract is to cover hardware and software support for listed hardware. Contracts can be resold by any vendor that meets the eligibility requirements, but actual support must be administered and provided directly by the manufacturer of the equipment, i.e. Ciscobase. Please see USAC web site for details on basic maintenance eligibility:

Quotes must be provided by February 19th, 2013, 10:00 AM to be considered.  Please provide quotes with items in the same order as listed below. 


Model# Part# Group A Group B
3Com Switch 4800G 24-Port SFP         3CRS48G-24S-91     14 16
Nortel 5520-24T-PWR AL1001E06 7 39
Nortel 5520-48T-PWR AL1001E05 30 69
3Com Switch 4500G PWR 24-port 3CR17771-91 7 4
3Com Switch 4500G PWR 48-port 3CR17772-91 22 0
HP ProCurve J9148A (2910) 48-port 2910AL-48G-POE 48 12
HP ProCurve J9148A (2910) 24-port 2910AL-24G-POE 3 1



Quantity  Description Part#
1 LightSpeed Maintenance  8820
2 Cisco basenet ASA 5540 Firewall  
  Quote for the advanced hardware replacements