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Vendor Requirements

Vendor Criteria and Contract Requirements

Year 15 E-Rate, 2012-2013

The requirements outlined in this document will apply to all contracts entered into as a result of the posting of (2012-2013) E-rate Form 470/471.

Bids can be submitted within the 28-day posting period, but are not required until the 29th day, for each respective form 470.

All providers responding to the posted Form 470 are to be listed California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS) providers unless expressly noted otherwise in the quote or district's scope of description.

All State of California contractor licensing requirements for public schools apply. Any contractor providing work under these contracts shall have the appropriate license for the scope of work they are to perform. Cabling work requires a C-7 license.

These projects and services depend on partial funding from the E-rate program.

  • We expect each vendor to make themselves thoroughly familiar with any rules or regulations regarding the E-rate program.
  • All contracts entered into as a result of the posting of these Form 470s will be contingent upon the specific funding of said contract by the SLD at the at the percentage rate submitted for.
  • The selected vendor will provide the district with the form 471 attachment. The vendor will construct the 471 attachment per the "preparing your item 21 attachment" information on the SLD web site:
    The district will provide the appropriate E-rate program numbers i.e. 471 # and FRN.
  • The non SLD funded portion of the percentage rate applicable to a particular form 471 is the maximum that the district will be liable for. This amount is the pre-discount amount minus the funded amount as shown on the form 471 block 5. The vendor will be responsible to bill the Schools and Libraries Division(SLD) for the funded amount.
  • NO billing or work can take place until July 1, 2012.
  • The contractor is responsible for providing a valid spin, (Service Provider Identification Number) with the quotes in addition to 3 K-12 references.
  • All work is subject to the 100% approval of the project or purchase by the FCC under the E-rate discount program of the Federal Communications Act of 1996. Adjustments made to the funding requests by the SLD may result in a subsequent reduction in the scope of the project or purchase to which the funding request relates. The district reserves the right to proceed or not to proceed with any project, service or purchase outlined in the posted form 470’s irrespective of whether they are funded or not.
  • Any change orders for labor required or requested and approved by the district during the work resulting from this posting shall be paid on a time and materials basis at CMAS contract rates.
  • Additional terms and conditions are delineated in the specifications referenced in the 470's.
  • The vendor may be required to send copies of all forms and invoices submitted to SLD to the district for our records.
  • Vendors submitting a quote for the posted equipment MUST use the posted information in their quote. If the quote is not filled out completely including vendor spin, district or school name, the full part numbers, per item pricing, quantities, and extrapolated pricing per line, tax, shipping and totals both sub and final total the quote may be considered non-responsive. The eligible and ineligible components of any partially eligible product or service must be listed as such and break out pricing for these items must be provided. Provide the eligible components listed together with above required information and totals and provide a separate list of in-eligible components delineated the same way. The in-eligible component list must be clearly notes as in-eligible and the contract totals must only include eligible products or services. The CMAS contract number and the relevant page number for each item must be listed. All equipment posted as "electronics" or "servers" is for drop ship only, no installation is requested. (unless stated on that specific web page)


All vendors will be responsible for procuring the discounted amount from the SLD, contracting districts will not provide the form 472 (Bear form reimbursement process).

The district reserves the right to terminate any or all contracts or agreements resulting from the 470 postings even if funded by the SLD with a 30 day notice to the parties. The final scope of projects or purchases resulting from these postings will be determined by the purchase order issued after the FCDL is issued by the SLD.  This issue is addressed further in the contract documents. The district reserves the right to accept the pricing proposal solely dependent upon SLD approval.

Prospective vendors will be required to submit three references, at the time of walk-through, (if applicable) with a portfolio describing experience with comparable projects in the K-12 customer market, the appropriate CMAS contract, and their SPIN number. Vendors must meet the following qualifications in order to be considered:  

  1. Vendor must provide educational discount pricing or better.
  2. Cabling contractors employees working at K-12 schools must have fingerprinted identification that meets or exceeds California educational standards.  In addition, if sub contractors are used for cabling; work done by sub contractors must meet the following conditions:


A.  Must meet all of the same criteria as a primary contractor outlined in our overall vendor requirements.

B.  Sub Contractors must be identified when providing the quote for 471 purposes. 

C.  Educational entity reserves the right to reject the use on any particular subcontractor(s) at its discretion.

D.  At the time of quote submission the following details must be provided:  Company name, State contracting license number, license type, CMAS number if appropriate and three references for work done in the K-12 schools that are equal or greater in scope than that which is being quoted.


  1. All product pricing provided for 471 purposes must be functional equivalent or better once the District has received SLD application approval for purchasing. The vendor/supplier must receive approval from the SLD for this substitution.
  2. Vendor must provide a copy of the CMAS contract summary page that verifies your company as an authorized vendor for the goods and services they are quoting.
  3. Vendor must pay any CMAS contract usage fee.  (Current rate approx. 2.93%).  The CMAS fee must be paid on the total cost of the contract for the goods or services being provided.  A purchase order will be issued once the FCDL is issued by the SLD for a particular FRN.  A copy of that purchase order will be sent to the contractor/vendor and the CMAS program listing the contractor/vendor billing information


If Providing Cable Work

  1. If providing cable work, prefer RCDD certified work.
  2. If providing cable work, as-built diagrams electronic and paper copies and cable test results must be provided within 45 days of completion of work.
  3. If providing cabling work, must have C7 License.
  4. If providing cabling work, vendor must be certified to provide a 15-year labor and material warranty for CAT 6.


Right to Reject Any and All Quotes

We reserve the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive any informalities or regularities. The vendor’s submission of a proposal is recognition of this right.


In addition, the district reserves the right to fund, (proceed with project or purchase) or not to fund regardless of E-rate approval.

Responses must be provided on the 29th day of the posting by 12:00 p.m. (note: Due date will be determined for cabling at the walk-through- )

Quotes must correspond to each 470 request.