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Facility Use


The Grounds Department is responsible for the landscape maintenance at the school sites and administrative offices. This includes mowing of the athletic fields, ornamental turfs, and the sprinkler systems through out the district.


The utility crew maintains the children's play area and equipment, ensuring that all equipment and fencing is in safe working condition at each of our school sites.

HUSD Service Request (Landport)

Grounds Service Request:

          Date                                        Created             Closed

08/01/19 to 08/31/19                      36                       36


Service Requests


Located inside the Corporation Yard


The Team



Scott Bolander

Senior Grounds Equipment Operator

John Tibbetts - John West

Grounds Equipment Operator

Daniel Creedan -  Patrick Hedges


Manuel DeMello -  Todd Waite

Adolfo Maldonado

Feliz Talosig -  Fred Smith

Utility Crew

Joe Grieco - Mike Silvestre