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Employee Wellness

April Classes

4/10/2023 Building Effective Resumes 530-730     Overview: A resume is a primary tool for marketing the job seeker’s skills and experience. A powerful resume can grab an employer’s attention and lead to an interview. However, these days most resumes are scanned electronically before reaching human hands. Sometimes, this results in qualified applicants being dropped from consideration because of the many nuances with the computerized review process.  This workshop teaches how to build impactful resumes and cover letters, along with the special considerations for submitting them online.
4/12/2023 Healthy Practices for Committed Relationships 530-730      Overview: What are the habits that can make or break a relationship? Research informs us that there are certain principles that, when understood and practiced regularly, can lead to deeply satisfying and
harmonious relationships. Conversely, it teaches us that there are certain negative habits that tend to be strong predictors of whether or not relationships will fail. When couples are willing to develop and
practice relationship-building principles and change damaging habits, there is the potential for finding ever-increasing satisfaction in their relationship.
4/19/2023 Coping During Uncertain Times 530-630     Overview: With the current turbulent national and global events, more uncertainty and change are introduced into American’s everyday lives. Daily news about job loss, environmental challenges, and the
pandemic crisis all contribute an increase in perceived stress and strain. These levels of uncertainty can exacerbate individual stress levels due to the multiple life adjustments that may be required. This
program explores healthy strategies for focusing on areas in which we have control, managing stress, and increasing resilience during uncertain times.
4/20/2023 Insomnia 530-630    Overview: Insomnia – regular problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing restorative sleep – is a common problem. Untreated insomnia can affect an individual’s health, quality of life, and work
performance. For instance, a Canadian study revealed that for the small Canadian province of Quebec (population seven million plus), insomnia-related work absences and reduced productivity cost $5
billion. This workshop shows participants how to enhance the quality and quantity of their sleep, by making simple – yet effective – changes to their daily routine.
4/24/2023 Relaxation Strategies for Managing Stress 530-730     Overview: Relaxation is about more than peace of mind. Relaxation helps you cope with everyday strains and decreases the effects of stress on your mind and body. Basic relaxation techniques are easy to learn and
easy to use. Many techniques are simple, quick, and can be done just about anywhere. Explore the use of relaxation techniques to de-stress your life and improve your health.
4/26/2023 Readiness for Healthy Change 530-730     Overview: It’s not easy to make a healthy change, and it can be even harder to stick with it. In this workshop, participants will learn strategies for success – how to prepare for, make, and maintain a healthy change.
4/27/2023 Seeking Mental Health Assistance: When to Know When it is Needed 530-730 Overview: Most people experience times when they may need help dealing with problems or issues that cause emotional distress. If feelings of being overwhelmed and/or issues interfere with normal daily life,
then gaining assistance of an experienced, trained professional can contribute to enhanced healing, well-being and life satisfaction. This workshop discusses situations and scenarios that indicate when it may be of
value to seek the assistance of a mental health professional.

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2/8/2023 Humor for the Health of It 530-630      
2/15/2023 Creating a Positive Attitude 530-730     
2/16/2023 When in Doubt Veg Out! 530-630     
2/22/2023 Suicide Awareness & Prevention 530-730      
2/23/2023 Practical Guide to Managing Your Weight 530-630   
2/27/2023 Stop Taking Things Personally - repeat - may be no charge for hours 530-730    
2/28/2023 Creating A Positive Work Environment 530-730