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For Staff

Incident Reports

Please use the following form when reporting incidents that occur on your site:

To use this form follow these steps:

  1. Download the Incident Report Form
  2. Open with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Print out the form
  5. Scan an electronic copy of the form to
  6. Keep a hard copy on site for 2 years

Staff Claims for Damages

Requesting a Certificate of Insurance

To request a certificate of insurance, please follow these steps:

(1) Complete this form

(2) Attach all supporting documentation (signed agreement, application, description of the activity, etc)

(3) Submit the form and appropriate documentation to the Risk Management Office

(4) Allow at least ten (10) business days for processing


To request an ergonomic evaluation of your workspace please fill out this form, and then forward it to Risk Management. 

Special Activities

School's Hosting "Special Activities" must complete this form: SIA Special Events Application

Special Activities are non-curricular, non-mandatory events involving enhanced risk due to the inherent nature of the event or activity.  Special Activities include: (1) events in which members of the general public pay to attend the event; (2) events open to the general public conducted at locations other than property owned or leased by the District; and (3) activities involving heightened risk of personal injury due to risks inherent in the activity.

Submit completed forms to the Risk Management Office. 


If you have questions about an event, please contact the Risk Management Office.