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Coordination of Services Teams (CISS Initiative)

Coordination of Services Team Specialists 2022-2023

What is COST? 

Hayward Unified School District has implemented Coordination of Services Teams (COST) across the District as a strategy for managing and integrating various learning supports and resources for students. COST teams identify and address student needs holistically and ensure that the overall system of supports works together effectively.

A COST is a multidisciplinary team of school staff and providers who:

  • Create a regular forum for reviewing the needs of individual students and the school overall.
  • Collaborate on linking referred students to resources and interventions.
  • Support students’ academic success and healthy development.

COST strives to connect students with the necessary supports and resources to ensure they come to school every day, are in good health, are performing well academically, and are developing the social/emotional skills necessary to be successful in school and life. COST accepts referrals from teachers, staff, and families to discuss and provide additional supports for students who are struggling to achieve in school.

If a student is struggling academically or in need of social-emotional support, please connect with a school staff member (e.g. COST Specialist, teacher, counselor, etc.) at your students' school.

We encourage families to fill out a COST Request Form with support from a school staff member. This strengthens communication and guarantees that the adults in a child’s life are working together to support their needs. COST Request Form is available by clicking on the following link:

If you or someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency, poses an immediate threat to themselves or others, or is being hurt by someone, call 911 for immediate help. The following is a link to our Wellness & Mental Health Supports for additional resources and contact information available during the summer break. 

Si usted o alguien que usted conoce está experimentando una emergencia médica, presenta una amenaza inmediata a si mismo(a) o a otros o está siendo herida/lastimada por alguien, por favor llame al 911 para recibir ayuda inmediata. El siguiente enlace a nuestros Apoyos de Salud Mental es para recursos adicionales e información de contacto.

Coordination of Services Team Resources
English and Spanish COST Flyer

Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports

Early Learning Staff

Name School Phone # Email Website
Yadira Torres Early Learning Locations 510-826-6787  


Elementary School Staff

Name School Phone # Email Website
Martin Uriarte Burbank 510-602-9375  
Corina Martinez Cherryland 510-826-6769  
Andrea Avina East Avenue 510-826-6831  
  Eden Gardens      
Sheree Conway Fairview 510-826-6762  
Leslie Mason Faith Ringgold 510-602-5140   
Jessica Cortes Glassbrook 510-602-5354  
Devin Anthony Harder 510-826-6120  
  Longwood 510-826-6265    
Heather Reyes Lorin Eden 510-826-6807  
  Palma Ceia      
Julie Pineda Park 510-602-5353   
Catherine Martinez Ruus 510-826-6787  
  Schafer Park      
Raven Johnson Stonebrae 510-602-5788  
Heather Reyes Tyrrell 510-826-6807  


Middle School Staff
Name School Phone # Email Website
Monique Edwards Anthony Ochoa 510-602-9545  
Tiffany White Bret Harte 510-826-6845  
Courtney Spears Cesar Chavez 510-826-6825  
Adilene Martinez Martin Luther King, Jr. 510-826-6803  
Marina Peraza Winton 510-826-6785  


High School Staff
Name School Phone # Email Website
Leslie Mason Brenkwitz 510-602-5140   
Shannan Carpenter Hayward 510-826-6766  
Angela Cota Mt. Eden 510-826-6765  


Leadership Staff
Name Title Phone Email
Andrew Kevy Director, Student & Parent Support Programs  510-723-3857 ext. 34190
Carol Rivera Garcia Coordinator, Student & Parent Support Programs, Community Schools & CISS Secondary Support 510-723-3857 ext. 34187
Denita Taylor Field Coordinator 510-723-3857 ext. 34182


Collective Impact for Student Success

Collective Impact for Student Success (CISS)

The Collective Impact for Student Success (CISS) project is HUSD’s strategy to support student achievement and enhance our Multi-Tiered System of Support to better address the needs of our most vulnerable students. 

  • Support student referral & follow-up to appropriate interventions
  • Leverage internal and external resources and coordinate with partners 
  • Integrate our data systems to measure impact of interventions

CISS will enhance our efforts to both support individual students and guide our use of available resources so they are optimally allocated to promote our students’ attendance, engagement in, and success in school by:

  1. adding support to Coordination of Services Teams (COST) for coordination, collaboration, and follow-up
  2. integrating data on our interventions and outcomes to better inform and continually improve our efforts.  

Collective Impact for student success is funded by the Learning Communities for School Success Program (LCSSP) and Full Service Community Schools Program (FSCS). California voters passed Proposition 47, the Safe Neighborhoods & Schools Act, in November 2014. Subsequent legislation in 2016, Assembly Bill 1014 (Thurmond) and Senate Bill 527 (Liu) established the Learning Communities for School Success Program. The FSCS program was re-authorized under Title IV through Community Support for School Success, sections 4621-4623 and 4625 (a) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESEA).

Care Solace:  A wellness resource for families
HUSD is partnering with Care Solace, a new resource that makes it easier for families to connect with mental health and wellness resources and providers in the community for non-school based services (outside of school).  Services can be for students, parents/guardians or other family members.

For services for your student, reach out to your school’s COST Specialist (Contact Information located on the left of this webpage) or Family Engagement Specialist.