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McKinney Vento

McKinney Vento Homeless & Foster Youth Services


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Hayward Unified is enhancing the supports and services provided to students in unstable and irregular (homeless) situations (hereto referred to as living in transition).  The definition of homelessness, under the Every Student Succeeds Act is: children or youth who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence, including those doubled up with family or friends due to economic conditions, migratory children staying in housing not fit for habitation, individuals abandoned in hospitals, or children and youth living in:

• Motels and hotels for lack of other suitable housing

• Homeless and domestic violence shelters

• Transitional housing programs

• The streets

• Abandoned buildings

• Public places not meant for housing

• Cars, trailers, and campgrounds

These definitions apply for children/youth who are unaccompanied or with their parent/guardians.


Under the Every Student Succeeds Act, school districts are required to identify students in who are living in transition to ensure that they are enrolled in school and provided needed supports so they can be successful.   Children and youth in transition must have access to appropriate public education, including preschool, and be given a full opportunity to meet state and local academic achievement standards.  They must be included in state- and district-wide assessments and accountability systems.  Schools in the Hayward Unified School District will ensure that all children and youth included are free from discrimination, segregation, and harassment.  The Child Welfare and Attendance Office of H.U.S.D. is the focal point for providing support to students in transition, their families and the schools in Hayward Unified.  Support is provided in areas of awareness & sensitivity, identification & enrollment, and access to resources & case management. 

Awareness & Sensitivity

The CWA office distributes and creates printed materials to sensitize the district and community to the rights of students under the McKinney-Vento law to a quality education.  A second priority is training and professional development to enable administrators, certified and classified staff to become aware of how to identify homeless students, respond appropriately, collect and forward data to improve services to homeless youth

Identification & Enrollment support

The CWA office will contact all housing agencies in the district and develop relationships to establish effective linkages to facilitate identification, enrollment and support of students in transition. These agencies include emergency and family shelters, such as Family Emergency Shelter Coalition (FESCO), and the Emergency Shelter Program, Inc., a domestic violence shelter.    It also includes the City of Hayward, local Family Resource Centers, the Hayward Police and Sheriff’s office, the Hayward Area Recreation Department, First 5, Hayward Coalition for Youth, Our Kids counseling program and other appropriate community and county organizations and agencies.   The goal of outreach is to initiate and establish community collaborations that can enhance services available to children, youth and families in transition. 

If you are living in an unstable and irregular (homeless) situations in unstable and irregular (homeless) situation please complete this form English or Spanish
Bring it to your school if already enrolled.  If not yet enrolled, bring the form to your registration appointment at the Enrollment Center (grades TK-8th) or your high school.