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Anthony Ochoa Middle School


Ryan Edmonson

Operations Supervisor

Bret Harte Middle School


Imani Alexander

Operations Supervisor

Cesar Chavez Middle School


Estrella Sotelo

Operations Supervisor


Ciera Witherspoon

Site Coordinator

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Jessica Villa

Operations Supervisor

Winton Middle School


Luis Diaz

Operations Supervisor


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Middle School Programming

Bridge to College

Bridge to College is the only program in California -  and possibly, the nation - designed to provide college & career exploration to HUSD students beginning in the 7th grade through 12th grade.  In partnership with Chabot College, instructors provide courses on campus, directly after school, to expose students to the rigor of college-level classes and instill in them that college is possible!

Participation Requirements

In order to enroll in Bridge to College courses,  students must meet the following enrollment criteria: 

  • Be enrolled in 7th through 12th grade at the time of enrollment
  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher

YEP Breakfast club (AM Program)

Chavez and Winton Middle School

Hours/Dates - 1.5 hours before the start of school, Monday-Friday, every day school is in session

Start the day right! The YEP Breakfast Club provides active, healthy, and fun before-school activities to prepare students for the school day. Students come early to:

  • Complete and print homework assignments in the Homework Center
  • Play games and participate in tournaments 
  • Get active  in classes like yoga, conditioning, and Zumba 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast, and more!

Links to register:

Register Here Logo Cesar Chavez Middle Breakfast Club

Register Here Logo Winton Middle Breakfast Club


Bret Harte, Chavez, King, Ochoa, and Winton

Hours/Dates - Begins immediately after school until 6 PM, Monday through-Friday everyday school is in session.

YEP offers age-appropriate activities in which students can explore interests, develop skills, exert leadership, be physically active, and receive academic support. Enrichment activities vary across sites and include visual and performing arts, physical activities, nutrition education, mindfulness, and homework support. 

YEP programming focuses on building students’ 21st Century skills through activities designed to support students’ academic and social-emotional learning and sense of connection to the school community.

Click on the following links to register:

Register Here Logo Anthony Ochoa Middle PM YEP

Register Here Logo Bret Harte Middle PM YEP

Register Here Logo Cesar Chavez Middle PM YEP

Register Here Logo Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle PM YEP

Register Here Logo Winton Middle PM YEP

middle school clubs
Middle School Oct 10 - Dec 9 Jan 23 - Mar 24 Apr 10 - Jun 1


Monday /


Tuesday / Thursday

Monday / Wednesday

Tuesday /


Monday / Wednesday

Tuesday / Thursday

Bret Harte Poetry (M), Silk Screening Film (T) Polynesian Dance   Folklorico  
Cesar Chavez   Poetry (T) Self Defense / Boxing Folklorico Polynesian Dance Silk Screening
Martin Luther King, Jr. Film (M) Boxing   Polynesian Dance Silk Screening Folklorico
Anthony Ochoa Poetry (M), Film (W) Polynesian Dance Folklorico Silk Screening   Boxing
Winton Polynesian Dance, Poetry (M)   Silk Screening Self Defense / Boxing    


Through sponsorships, YEP supports many enrichment activity options for students that are led and facilitated by school teachers and staff. These activities are a huge draw for students as they allow students to explore their interests and develop relationships with their peers and teachers, strengthening their connection to their school community.  Activities vary by site and include options such as band, orchestra, choir, drama, film, leadership, dance, step, culinary arts, video production, AVID, Puente, and cultural enrichment clubs.  To find out more about the YEP sponsored activities at your school, contact the YEP Site Lead.