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Private Schools

Title I, Private Schools Program (PSP)

The Title I program provides supplemental educational services so that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. Generally, to qualify for assistance under Title I, a student must reside within the attendance area of a participating public school located in a low-income area and be failing, or at risk of failing, to meet student academic achievement standards.

Title I, Part A requires that local educational agencies (LEAs) provide eligible private school children with Title I educational services or other benefits that are equitable to those provided to eligible public school children. Title I, Part A services for eligible private school children must be developed in consultation with private school officials. Eligible students enrolled in private schools receive Title I, Part A services; private schools do not receive Title I, Part A funds. The public school district, where the students reside, is responsible for making these services available for students in private schools.

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