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For full text see BB 9130.

The Governing Board may establish a committee whenever it determines that such a committee would benefit the district by providing diverse viewpoints, specialized knowledge or expertise, or increased efficiency. Such committees may be subcommittees of the Board or committees that include members of the community, staff, or other stakeholder groups.

2023 Superintendent Search Interviewing Panel Ad Hoc Committee (BB9130)

The Hayward Unified School District is soliciting applications from parents to participate in a committee to conduct interviews of candidates for the new, permanent district superintendent. If you are not a district employee, you are encouraged to apply. Please see below for more information.


The purpose of the 2023 Superintendent Search Interviewing Panel Ad Hoc Committee is to perform the stakeholder interview of the Board-selected final candidates and provide the Board of Education with individual written feedback for each superintendent candidate interviewed.

Duration / Commitment

Friday, March 24, 2023 Times: TBD

Saturday, March 25, 2023 Times: TBD

The committee will convene on the first day of interviewing one hour prior to the first scheduled interview to finalize interview questions for all candidates. The board is asking for both the representative and alternates to please reserve these two full days for this commitment.


At the November 9, 2022 Board of Education meeting the executive search firm recommended a stakeholder interview panel of 15 people.



Number of Representatives                  

Alternate Representatives                        


22-23 Student Board





22-23 HUSD committee members, different groups





22-23 HUSD parent non-committee member




Assoc. appointment




Assoc. appointment



SEIU M&O Safeco

Union appointment



SEIU Paraprofessional

Union appointment




Assoc. Appointment: Principal




TBD by Board




*Any current HUSD parent who is not an employee of the district may submit a Parent Application/Entry using the form below. If a non-committee parent pool does not generate enough applicants to produce a representative and three alternates, the seat may be absorbed by the Committee Parent group such that instead of having three representatives and three alternates, they would have four representatives and four alternates.  

Eligibility/Invitation to Apply

If you are a current 22-23 HUSD parent, we welcome you to apply.

Deadline to Apply

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 5:00PM (PST)

How to Apply


Q: I am a 22-23 HUSD parent who is not an employee of the school district, who serves on more than one committee. Can I apply as representation for each committee I serve on?

A: Yes. This would require multiple entries. Please complete and submit one individual application/entry for each committee you serve one at a time. For example, if you serve on two committees, you may enter two separate applications/entries listing which committee representation that specific individual entry is for. 

Q: How will the Parent Applications/Entries be selected?

A: The Board has been explicit about its desire to receive input from a diversity of invested voices. A random draw will be the primary tool used to arrive at four parent representatives and four alternates. For example, the first name drawn for X committee (or non-committee) will be selected as the representative. Any names drawn for that same committee (or non-committee) will serve as alternates up to the allowable amount listed in the composition chart.  Notwithstanding, the board reserves the right to add an equity layer of sorting into this process, if deemed necessary, in an effort to ensure underrepresented groups have the opportunity to be included. i.e. Special Education, English Learners.

Q: How are the other groups listed in the committee’s composition going to be selected?

A: Student board members are being polled by the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and Board of Education for their interest in participating. Labor Partners have been emailed a participation request that is customary to standard Human Resources recruiting practices and contractual requirements. Management will be selected by the Board.

Q: Do I need any special background or skills?

A: No. While it would be helpful to have typing skills for note keeping, it is not required.

Q: What does ‘feedback’ mean?

A: Committee members will provide their individual written feedback of the candidates they’ve interviewed regarding their strengths and concerns. The Board would expect to see 15 feedback forms for each candidate that goes through the interviewing process.

Q: Will committee members, whether individually or as a group, rank the candidates?

A: No.

Q:  What will the board do with the feedback?

A: The feedback the committee members provide will be one of the resources of information that the Board uses to help them make an informed decision.  The elements of recruitment are several layers and the stakeholder feedback is one of those important components.

Q: Will committee members get copies of the entire candidate application?

A: A summary sheet for each candidate will be provided during the interview process and collected afterward to ensure the confidentiality of the process and rights of those candidates.

Q: Will committee members get to ask their own questions?

A: The executive search firm will provide a library of questions available to choose from. In the scheduled preparation hour, committee members will work with the search firm to refine or edit them and finalize the set of interviewing questions to be asked.

Q: Will I be paid for this?

A: We are thankful for parent and community involvement. It is on a volunteer basis.  Depending on the length of day and times, it’s likely that we will have refreshments and food available.

Q: What if the committee membership does not have its full 15 person composition at a candidate interview?

A: The board will receive feedback from the membership that is present. There is no requirement that 15 people participate, though asking for several alternates is an earnest attempt to have 15 people on these interviewing dates if possible.

Q: Should I expect any rescheduling?

A: It is unlikely that the Board would reschedule these interviewing dates.

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: The recruitment and hiring process is a structured, formal, and confidential process where many laws and protections govern how they are conducted. Any person participating in these  processes should be willing to honor those and would be expected to sign a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement that carries legal remedies.